Visit Meteora and the Social Media


Trekksoft, a relative newly established but none the less very dynamic and innovative company posted a new article on their blog with the title: “Social Media: A New Marketing Platform”.

In this article visitmeteora’s social marketing strategy is mentioned as a good paradigm of how to utilize and integrate Facebook, Twiteer or any other social media tools on an effective and succeesful marketing campaign.

Below is the article published on Trekksoft’s blog:

Social Media: A New Marketing Platform

Facebook and Twitter are not just for seeing how your ex is doing and watching your favorite celebrity’s every move anymore. Now, you can use these channels for viral marketing tools for your tours and activities. TrekkSoft provides you with the opportunity to not only link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your TrekkSoft page, but to also to use  to leave comments, integrate blogs or publish special offers to your customers.

Facebook campaigning made easy

For example, Bus2Alps uses social media to create some friendly competition, by holding contests via Facebook for all their fans. Several times a year, they invite their fans to enter a contest to win exclusive discounts on their trips.

Participants are asked to like Bus2Alps’ page on Facebook, to which they are directed to another page. Here they will provide an email address and answer two questions of their choice.  These questions pertain to either which destination city they would love to visit, or which trip they’d like to take.

Once the contest is over, and winners have been selected and notified, Bus2Alps is left with a vast database of everyone who entered the contest, a repository full of potential customers.  Their answers to the questions previously asked create an opportunity for Bus2Alps to send out individualized newsletters with more exclusive offers tailored to their specific interests. The participants are provided with an exclusive gift code for the trip of their dreams by simply participating.

But this isn’t specific to just contests. Bus2Alps is always grateful to all those who have traveled with them and makes sure to thank those who have made their year a successful one by issuing Semester End Thank You gift codes.  For example, they will publish a gift code with say a five user limit. Not only are they continually generating interest in taking more trips, but they effectively push the last trips of the semester as well.

From Bus2Alps’ experience with social media marketing, the percentages of those who opened the email and followed the enclosed link were way above expectations and they experienced exceptional results. In this kind of marketing strategy, not only do you gain ground in the realm of social media, but you also generate interest in potential clients and continue to perpetuate it through the offer of exclusive gift codes. TrekkSoft provides you with the opportunity to generate these gift codes to your specific criteria and use social media to simply get the word out.

Successfull Blog activities with Twitter

However, contests aren’t for everyone; some companies rather a more laidback approach to marketing their tours. Visit Meteora for example, uses the power of Twitter to provide its followers with a daily dose of Grecian beauty by posting mind-blowing, beautiful pictures to their Twitter feed daily.

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